Isle of Man offers e-gaming course

The Isle of Man, with its somewhat unusual laws, makes a natural home for online casinos. As such, it is home to 25 different licensed online casino operators. Having recognized the importance of online gambling to the local economy, the Isle of Man will be hosting a workshop for industry professionals on e-gaming.

This is the first ever workshop of it’s type anywhere in the world. The workshop won’t focus on the online casino games themselves, but rather the types of things that one needs to know to work at an online casino. This means everything from interview techniques and writing a CV to the risks involved in the industry. This can also be helpful for the operators themselves. Online gaming is a relatively new industry, and while gambling and the venues that host it may have existed for centuries, working at an online casino requires a slightly different skill set.

The hope, then is that this workshop will be a first step in setting a standard for the level of professionalism as well as which skills are needed for which jobs in the industry. Such a standard exists for land based casinos, and organizations like the Nevada Gaming Commission see to it that they are strictly enforced.

The event – and its expected success – accurately reflects the type of healthy, if incredibly rapid, growth that the online casino industry is undergoing in the current economic climate, as well as the increasing importance that the legitimate gambling industry and its revenues are expected to take on in the future.

While the event is certainly a good thing for online casino players, operators and proprietors, it’s necessary to recognise that the workshop itself should hardly be taken as a sign that today’s online casinos are running under operational flaws. On the contrary, the truth is that the majority of online casino websites here in Canada and all over the world are currently staffed by well-trained and honourable individuals and powered by high-quality software provisions.

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